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Is it likely that MH370 will ever be found?

Military officer looks out a window during a search and rescue mission onboard an aircraft belonging to the Vietnamese air force off Vietnam "They picked the area based on the best information that was available at the time," says Don Thompson, a British engineer who is part of Skiptracing the Independent Group, a handful of informed experts around the world who have been investigating MH370 themselves. "But everything seems to point a little further north-east, which is where the ATSB's most recent review is pointing." That's the Australian Transport Safety Board, which has been co-ordinating the underwater search. It said in December that there was "a high degree of confidence" the plane was not in the specified search zone. That was starting to look fairly obvious, as there was only a fraction of the defined area left to search. But the report also recommended searching a 25,000sq km area to the north of the presumed flight path. Image caption Relatives of passengers oppose the end of deep-water searches (File photo) It drew on new information by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), which analysed where confirmed debris from the plane washed up and used that to narrow down where it must have come down. The report concluded that "if this area were to be searched, prospective areas for locating the aircraft wreckage, based on all the analysis to date, would be exhausted". "When CSIRO came out with that drift analysis I was really excited," says Blaine Gibson. He has become something of a legend in MH370 circles for his self-funded trips to Malaysia, Mauritius and the Maldives looking for answers.

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